You can Give Now Towards Giving Sunday 2022

What is Giving Sunday?

You may have heard of the national holiday GivingTuesday whereby people across the world mobilize in acts of generosity the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. Giving Sunday is our take on the aforementioned holiday whereby we seek to demonstrate the heart of God through radical generosity towards our community, our membership, businesses, and people across the world!

How Do We Do It? (Recap of 2021)

The objective of Giving Sunday is for us to give away the entirety of our offerings collected and direct those funds to individuals, businesses, and initiatives that need to experience a tangible expression of the breakthrough love of God. Last year, we raised a total of $906,717.04 and were able to give it all away as designated in the infograph. The radical generosity of our membership enabled us to touch the lives of our members, community, and businesses in the area who were in need, and for that we are truly grateful! This year we are believing God that together we will cross that $1,000,000 threshold empowering us to make an even greater impact than before! Will you believe God with us?
Giving Sunday 2021

How Can You Partner with Us?

Whether in-person or online, we ask that you begin praying about what God will have you to give on Giving Sunday knowing that individually we can make a difference, but collectively our impact can be even greater. On Sunday, December 4th, at all sites and services and online, we will generously give toward our Giving Sunday effort! We encourage you to invite your family, friends, and loved ones to join us for a radical expression of generosity on Giving Sunday, December 4th!

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